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The Mind Behind
The Brand

Mt. Uncle Distillery began its life in 2001 and is the creation of Head Distiller and Director Mark Watkins.

The distillery began with a multitude of liqueurs sourcing ingredients and fruits from Mt Uncle farm itself and other local farm lands on the Atherton Tablelands.

Progressing on through the years Mt Uncle has built an impeccable and unrivalled reputation in producing award winning premium spirits and liqueurs still with a huge emphasis on using as many local and national Australian ingredients as possible.

The Art Of Our Craft

a Botanist PLayground


Our inspiration comes form nature. We discover new dimensions of taste  and fragrance in every plant we come across. 


Pushing boundaries is our nature. We see through and beyond, with a curiosity of a crazy botanist. We like to experiment with every Australian botanical we come across. We love native flora and translating its palettes into human language became our mission.


Only the brave try new and we are in the lead. Doing things the way noone did before is our way of being. Constant challenges become our passion. We do different and we do better.


The art of our craft is unique. The ability of playing a translator form nature to our human language is the way we learned to see and interpret nature. Learning its magic is an exciting path through the adventure of distilling. We are the masters.

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