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London Spirits Competition 2021

We are beyond humbled and blown away by the latest round of awards handed out by the London Spirits Competition.

Spirits are judged on the basis of three primary criteria – quality, value, and packaging – and then scored on a 100-point scale. Spirits that score 90+ points are awarded Gold medals, spirits that scored 76 to 89 points ware awarded Silver medals, and spirits between 65 and 75 are awarded Bronze.

The primary reason for using three criteria rather than just one is to focus on the overall drinkability of each spirit. As a result, the judging panel rank spirits not just by how they taste, but also their overall presentation and appearance in the bottle. In addition, judges assess spirits on their relative value in relation to their peers, and the quality they offer, as determined by retail pricing.

Also, everything is tasted blind(folded) several times by 30 different judges, so there’s no opportunities for a little *nudge nudge*.

We are tickled pick to have picked up a couple of Golds (Botanic Australis Navy Strength Gin, FNQ Rum Co. Iridium Gold, Botanic Australis Northern Gem Gin), a couple of Silvers (basically everything else…), GIN OF THE YEAR (Navy Strength – GO YOU GOOD THING!), and BEST IN SHOW BY COUNTRY (Navy Strength again showing us how it’s done).

Did we mention Gin Of The Year?! Talk about moving onto bigger and better things – we’ve a lot to thank for that first initial jam jar of repulsive smelling liquid Mark distilled all those many, many moons ago.The London Spirits Competition is a pretty big deal, so we’re a little bit breathless with this swag. It hasn’t quite sunk in yet (but we’ve no doubt it will soon enough!). As Mark said, “Mum I hope you’re proud! Sorry about all the water I tipped into your gin bottles in the cupboard!” All for a good cause, Mama Watkins. All for a good cause…

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