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Gin For The Win!

When we released Northern Gem Gin in 2020 (the year that almost everyone wanted to forget) we wanted to create a gin that was a bit more representative of the beautiful tropical flavours of this pocket of the world. Mango (and their leaves) are synonymous with the tropics; Nerada Tea is one of the Atherton Tablelands biggest exports, and the sweetness of Daintree vanilla is not only bloody tasty, but a nod to one of the World Heritage listed areas up here that makes Far North Queensland so special.

Much like a parent that will never admit to a favourite child but always really does, Mark described Northern Gem as our best gin since people starting making liquor in bathtubs. The 2021 World Gin Awards happened last week in London and Northern Gem picked up a SILVER in the CONTEMPORARY STYLE category, cementing it’s place firmly in liquor cabinets, bottle shops and bars everywhere.

“This is a well-balanced, bright and snappy gin, citrus led with very good juniper and lemon notes and some rooty and herbal hints.”

In addition to that good news, our Bushfire Smoked Gin picked up a BRONZE in the CONTEMPORARY STYLE category, amongst some very worthy competitors and peers.

“The nose is very smoky, like mezcal, with meaty hints of smoked ham and touches of fennel and laurel. The smokiness carries on into the palate, meaty and earthy, with mild juniper presence and a flash of Szechuan pepper. Potentially polarising, but impressive and complex.”

Colour us pink and serve up the meat platter, Marge. This is a gin that everyone loves for breakfast, lunch and tea. Basically, it’s the Vegemite of the gin world. You’re welcome.

Brilliant news for us, and it reminds us of why we’re always experimenting with new flavour combos and making every bottle with love.

If you need us, we’ll be celebrating with Northern Gem Martinis and Bushfire Smoked Red Snappers (in no particular order…).

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